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A foul or not a foul
Feb 2, 2017

By Rich Winter

Had the most interesting interaction with a youngster on the Pine Ridge boys C team during a game in St. Francis on Tuesday.


Got to the gym, got the camera ready, strolled out for the first shot of the day which turned out to be the picture used for this blog. 


There was a whistle on the play and No. 30 gets called for the foul and turns to me and says rewind that and go show the ref...He smiled and got set up for a potential rebound.


At any rate, sought out the young man after the game to show him the picture to see if he would fess up to the play being an OBVIOUS foul. 


He looked at it, and said, "No way, that's clean."


What do ya think...Foul or no foul?


At any rate just some random photos from the Pine Ridge vs. St. Francis game. Thorpes are playing some good basketball heading into Friday's MONSTER game in Little Wound. And then, they head to Crow Creek for a game on Saturday.


Ice-road truckers are these folks from Pine Ridge who battled a snow-storm last Friday to get to White River...dealt with some cruddy roads Tuesday in St. Francis and now have a couple of huge games in front of them.

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