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A BATTLE is Brewing in CLASS B cross
Sep 21, 2017

By Rich Winter

As we head towards the Real Fall, the end of September, where the cross-country starts heating up as the weather does its THING.


Have been paying attention to a lot of Class B cross country, and I gotta tell ya folks, the B boys team race is really starting to get interesting. Have a buddy up north that kinda keeps me in the loop on the Class B folks back east. It is with that in mind that BRIAN and I have collaborated on a 1st Class B cross-country poll.

Boys Rankings: :
#1 Ipswich

#2 Burke/SC

#3 James Valley Christian

#4 Warner #5 (not sure who to go with)


Listen, the boys from Ipswich are running TUFF. Have looked at results from their own meet and from the Potter County meet and their top-3 are up there…

Potter County results:

1 – Colton Weeldreyer – 17-flat

2 – Wyatt Haux – 17:33

3rd – Sam Rhaecine – Wakpala (podium last year)

6th – Geditz Maxwell (just behind good runner from Timber Lake: Beau DuBray)..

Some TUFF courses all over western South Dakota so the times are solid.


But, looming over from down south are the Burke/South-Central Cougars. Led by senior Kray Person and some young guys running TUFF.

Bon Homme results:

1st – Person – 16.5

3rd – Voight – Gregory 17:33 (Third in Class B cross last year)

6th – Washake Vaughn 18:28

7th – Jackson Liewer 18:33

Think that is the first time Vaughn has beaten Liewer….Those two are battlers and they will always finish hard. The one thing I really like about this team is they have been battle tested. Big meet, BSC was there and doing well. This team has seen some big competition already and they seem to POIZED TO MAKE SOME NOIZE


After that if Brian says JVC and Warner – After that I don’t know….seriously, it’s tough….Lotta teams getting better and right on the fringe of being contenders.


Class B girls:

#1 Newell

#2 Ipswich

#3Duebrook Area

# 4 Philip

#5 Gayville-Volin 


Gotta say I laughed a little this morning when Brian sent me his picks. I think all season long he’s been thinking Ipswich, and it still might be, BUT, Mr. Davis recently went west attending a meet in the Hills. I think he saw Newell.


Delaney Leber has been tearing people up out west. Dusted off STM’s Kaci Cooper at the Belle Fourche meet and she’s got a good team around her that’s starting to get after it. At their own meet, Leber, Steele, Burtzlaff and Wilbur went 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th,


But, there looms Ipswich with Aleah Steger and Tessa Kilber going nuts up front.


Every meet from now is TUFF….people are ramping up….I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY!

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