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Stanley County looks TUFF in season opener

2017 BUFFS look pretty TUFF in season opening win over MVP
Aug 18, 2017

By Rich Winter

With the MVP Titans at Stanley County being the only show in town (on liveticket.tv) I watched the game on my big-screen and came away impressed with a Stanley County squad that rattled off 30-consecutive points before holding on for a 30-20 win against Mount-Vernon/Plankington. 


Couple things stood out for me...

1. Sophomore Dylan Gabriel looks like the real deal at RB

2. Riley Hannum is going to have two terrific years as the starting QB up in Ft. Pierre.

3. The physicality of this football team is impressive. 


Let's start in reverse order here...with the Physicality thing.

Physicality - Lineman rarely get any love in the pantheon of love dolled out by the local media but big-ole No. 65, Jorge Cota and No. 50, Tristan Fuerst just kept popping up on my television. That is a good offensive line and I didn't see Hannum getting pressured very much. The running game was electric, especially in the first half as Gabriel and others had open running lanes and made the most of them. 


On the defensive side of the ball Stanley County gave up that long first-quarter TD run to Jesse Hastings, and until the fourth quarter, that defese was a rugged unit that was hard to run on.


Translation: The front-7 for Stanley County is good and that's going to translate to some wins this season. 


Riley Hannum - It's always interesting to see junior QB's who have started their sophomore seasons, and then, the progression they make as the game starts to slow down. Guess I wasn't watching every play (busy posting video highlights), but I didn't see a lot of motion penalties and such from Stanley County. Hannum directed a smart, clean offense that looked to be in mid-season form. 


The Hannum to J.D. Carter connection is going to be pretty special and the pair flexed their connective powers several times last night. 

Need a yard, QB sneak, no problem. 


Dylan Gabriel - I'd seen this young man in track and kind of new his athletic resume a bit, but, last night this kid really showed out for Stanley County. Showed a terrific burst through the line, can get to the outside and judging by that punt return for a TD this young man is a threat to score everytime he touches the rock. 


Couple things to clean up: Two many turnovers and I'm sure coach O'Boyle would have liked to see his guys close out a little better, but, let's be honest, MVP has a solid football tradition and guys with zero quit in them. 


On paper the transition from 9AA to 11B looks like it has been made successfully. Guessing the guys from Stanley County will be watching the Winner vs. SF Christian game to be televised on winnerwarriorslive.com because....


We have an 11B showdown in the making in week 2

Winner @ Stanley County on Friday, Aug. 25....OH MY!!




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