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1/3 the Way!
Jan 5, 2018

1/3 the way

By The Hot mess Express

As we sit here about one third of the way through the season of SD basketball, we were able to watch a potential Region 7 matchup last night in Winner when the Lady Warriors of Winner took on the Lady Falcons of Todd County.  Let me tell you, it was a good game in a long standing rivalry.  

It seemed both coaching staffs had their players ready to compete for this game and as the ball was thrown for the jump, the intensity of the players came through.  You had Coach Larry Aakers in his traditional up and down the bench walk in a fevered pace, and you had Todd County Coach Bob Boyd Jr barely leave a five foot circle.  Both coach’s calling out plays, directions, and yes, referee names.  Players shook hands before the tip, some smiling at each other, as if they know each other from Instagram, Snapchat, or who knows what.  All were out for one thing, the right to say we won.

The first quarter started out slowly, with a couple buckets by each team.  After feeling the defense of each team, adjustments were made.  Todd County seemed to play a little nervous to start as they had a few turnovers and let Winner build a lead by a couple hoops.  The Lady Falcons soon fought back by settling into their offense and All stater Valandra-Prue started getting looks into the lane by face cuts through the Winner Zone.  As we closed out the first half, I believe Winner had a 2 point lead.  

As the second half got underway, there were two questions left to be answered.  Would Winner without injured Bella Swedlund be able to sustain the run by Valandra-Prue and company or who was gonna stay out of foul trouble?  Gabriel Kocer and Morgan Hammerbeck answered Winners call by scoring 18 and 23 total for the game.  Kocer hit some deep three’s while Hammerbeck drove the lane and scored in the paint.  During the game Valandra-Prue and Hammerbeck had a collision and VP came up limping.  After sitting out and walking it off, she returned and her and teammate Raven Couneyor got it within 4 points by end third.  But both teams could not stay out of foul trouble and ultimately TC got into enough trouble to see VP end up with five and two others with four.  

The Lady Warriors found enough depth to pull away late fourth quarter and take home the victory.  This was a hard fought game and most likely these two teams are on a collision course in late February to add another chapter to this book of rivalries.

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